There Is No Substitute for a Fairlady

At the start of 2014, after many years of providing quality automotive paint and body work for other facilities, Brandon Laremont realized his dream of running his own shop and so FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ was brought to fruition.

FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ offers quality auto painting services to all makes and models, specializing in Nissan, Infinity and Datsun. We are proud to offer top-quality paint service with limited lifetime warranty. Equipped with the most modern technology to best serve you in your automotive needs, our technicians use a state-of-the-art paint matching system to accurately match the color, texture and hardness of the original finish on your vehicle.

What makes FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ different is that we specialize in and are passionate about the Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti car culture. This is practically unheard of in this industry. However, we believe this specialization allows all FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ technitions to focus on one type of vehicle thus mastering the craft. This bias against the jack-of-all trades mentality of most auto body and paint shops becomes increasingly important as these vehicles age. Not only do the parts become harder to find but so do the skillful technicians that know what to do with them. Here at FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ, we believe that having full knowledge and a specified skill-set of how to unequivocally handle and repair these classic beauties is invaluable to both the owner and the culture as a whole.

In addition to understanding the complications associated with the rare, fragile and complex parts of the older models, FC stays current with the aftermarket and performance parts of the newer models. As mentioned before, we are passionate about the culture. We find value in preserving the knowledge of the past while educating ourselves on the developments of the present. FC has a clear understanding of what your car needs, whether it be a classic or contemporary model. We treat your Z like the beautiful lady that it is, with the utmost care and respect.

Currently, FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ is conveniently located inside the perimeter of Atlanta, Georgia. FC first began in a smaller space outside the perimeter where cars were serviced only one or two at a time. As the word of our quality work spread quickly so did our need for more space. FC has permanently relocated from the original 800 square foot location to a new 2,400 square foot facility. This new space, coupled with a staff of professional technicians, has FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ fully prepared to meet the demands of today’s auto repair industry.

Quality Auto Body & Paint

Recover After Your Accident

When you’ve been in an accident there are a lot of things that demand your attention– your health and well-being, the condition of your vehicle and the dreaded insurance claim. Let us help! You take care of yourself. We can take care of the rest.

We’ll Handle the Insurance Company 

Avoid the added stress that hours on the phone with your insurance representative will give you. We have experience working with most big name insurance companies and many more.

Your Vehicle Is Important to You

Here at FC, we know that your car goes beyond just being an investment. It’s a representation and extension of  yourself which is why we are honored to restore your vehicle. Whenever you have need for our service, we will do everything in our power to justify your continued trust and patronage. Your time, money and opinion are truly valued at FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ.

Choose FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ for Exceptional Service In:

  • Collision and Auto Body: uni-body frame, fiberglass, dents and more
  • Painting and Refinishing: computerized color matching, custom painting and classic restoration

In an accident? Don’t hestitate to call us! You can reach a FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ specialist at 678.713.4932 or visit us at 624 Cordell Drive Suite A, Atlanta GA 30349. 



“I took a recently purchased 2003 Nissan 350z here for a total paint job. The original color was pearl white but I went with super white for a change. The car had body damage on the quarter panel and multiple dents. Also, the original paint was faded, unmatched, etc. Not only was I given a great price but the overall job was done beyond my expectations. The quality of work here is spectacular. Brandon really pays attention to detail and takes it to the next level. I will definitely be back with more projects.” – Tyler Colman




If you follow us on instagram then you're probably familiar with some of our OFFICIAL FC Models who lure us in like mythological sirens. Meet the team behind the media magic.
    Acquille Dunkley

    I love capturing the personality of every single car. Its amazing to me the story that each custom build brings to the screen. @adunkleydesigns

    Acquille Dunkley
    In-house Photographer
    Ariel Marie

    Official FC Model of FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ. @arielmarie42

    Ariel Marie
    Mitsuki. A

    I love the passion that FC has for the cars and the culture. @m__bellaluna

    Mitsuki. A
    Official FC Model
    Hylan Victoria

    Official FC Model of FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ. @hylanvictoria

    Hylan Victoria
    Official FC Model
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