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Protected: All Original Series 1 240Z

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Dave Chu 2009 Infiniti G37

David arrived with rear bumper damage with primary attention to the passenger side. Bunper dents were pulled, lightly filled, primered, and guide coated. The front showed signs of rock chips all over inclusive of a minor dent in the front. All panels had inperfections removed, and overhaled to include high build primers, and finished in […]

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1986 300ZX Extreme Paint Correction

Paint shows sand scratches, swirls, bugs, discoloration and more. A test area is used to determine the final processes needed to complete the entire vehicle. Entire exterior body is sanded with 800, 1000,1500, 2500, and then 3000 where needed. Entire body is buffed to bring back the full gloss of the car. Final finish is […]

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Chris White | Atlanta Car Scene 300ZX

Chris White just delivered is recently purchased 300ZX. This chassis has had a “little” work done to it. Initial inspection shows some dings on the lower rock guard areas. No worries because this Fairlady is going smooth all of the way around. On the other side of the Z the seam sealer is missing. We […]

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Rear fiberglass bumper damaged in a mysterious and major way. Time to do some fiberglass repairs before the 2016 Z Nationals. Look at how wavy the current rear hatch is…WHOA!. Thats a sign of some poor workmanship throughout the years. SMH. Thats OK. We will fix that too. Here is an example of why we […]

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James Long | 350Z Bumper Repair & Paint

Bumper Repair is an art in and of itself. This bumper came in with a whole. The whole was patch from the inside and then heat set from the outside. Next a very thing layer of father glaze was added to help reshape the bumper. Repair is primed, and guide coated. Guide coat has been […]

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Brian’s Infiniti QX45

  Used hood is getting prepped for paint. Hood has been added and low spots have been identified. Time to hammer, dolly, fill and prime this baby and get it ready for paint.

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Tyler Coleman | 350Z Repaint

This 350Z was in desperate need of some attention. Bumper Repair, Quarter Panel repair, Door Dents, and a color change. Let’s get started. Passenger side door has large dent just before the fender. Somebody has been here before. SMH. They new better than to just fill a dent with Bondo. Time to dig all of […]

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Xtreme Experience

Finally had the opportunity to drive the Nissan GTR PREMIUM around the Atlanta Motorsport Park. Whoa! What a rush! First impressions….AWESOME!!!!!!

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Pearl White 300ZX Door Repair

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