Chris White | Atlanta Car Scene 300ZX

img_7424Chris White just delivered is recently purchased 300ZX. This chassis has had a “little” work done to it.

img_7427img_7440Initial inspection shows some dings on the lower rock guard areas. No worries because this Fairlady is going smooth all of the way around.img_7441
On the other side of the Z the seam sealer is missing. We will fix that before anything goes any further.



Mixing up some paint for the jambs. We are going with a custom FAIRLADY CUSTOMZ Red. A little Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Green.img_7480

These jambs are looking better than the exterior of some other cars.img_7483

Initial primer coat of the car shows improper prep throughout the car. No problem. Thats why we will always primer and guide coat before going any further.img_7484 img_7485 img_7486img_7491 img_7511 img_7512 img_7513 img_7514 img_7515img_7530
Attention to details.  We check over every inch of the Z to make sure nothing is missed.img_7538 img_7539
Initial primer of the hood shows a very wavy panel. Additional work is needed to get this completely flat.img_7540 img_7565 img_7566 img_7567img_7646 img_7649
Mirror finish paint straight off the gun. I love this SataJet 5000B.img_7669
Fresh out of the booth, the hood is looking like glass.img_7691 img_7693 img_7695 img_7698
Notice the difference. We don’t paint the moldings. 🙂 We take the time to tape moldings properly and do it right the first time.

img_7710 img_7711

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