Rear fiberglass bumper damaged in a mysterious and major way. Time to do some fiberglass repairs before the 2016 Z Nationals.

Look at how wavy the current rear hatch is…WHOA!. Thats a sign of some poor workmanship throughout the years. SMH.

Thats OK. We will fix that too.img_7634

Here is an example of why we refuse to use double sided adhesive for mounting aero-kits. The tape will never last the test of time.

img_7779Initial sanding and primer applied to all areas of damage. What started off as paint correction…well lets just say….this Z needed a well deserved do over.


Fixing those dents and dings…and waves, and peeling paint. She is almost ready for the final steps of prep.img_7844 img_7845 img_7846 img_7849img_7856

Fresh out of the booth, this paint is looking good. To make her show ready, a little time will be spent buffing and polishing before the 2016 Z Nationals Car Show begins.img_7908

No more dents, dings, or waviness. This is an off the gun mirror finish.img_7912img_8082

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